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Dual CTC panel

Additional information on Quaker Valley operations:

Remote CTC Dispatching

Operating Positions on the Quaker Valley

Quaker Valley Track Plan

Sample Operating Schedule  an example from the January 31, 2015 session

Using Car Cards & Waybills on the Quaker Valley

JMRI  US&S CTC panel explanation want to be the Dispatcher?

Signals on the Quaker Valley

Layout Editor Panel
QV Layout Editor Panel
This panel shows all main line and sidings, and indications of the yards and staging of the Quaker Valley Railroad.  The signals shown are live and react to settings by the Dispatcher on the CTC panels.
Signals 26E and 16W display a PRR style Clear aspect.  Signals 20W and 26W display a Held or Stop aspect.  Signals on the Quaker Valley are searchlight signals and show Clear (green),
Approach (yellow), Stop (red)  and Held.  Signal 30E at Enola is Held.  This panel can be displayd on the Android tablets so engineers can follow the signal indication from the Dispatcher.
Tracks shown in balck are unoccupied.  Tracks in red and maroon reflect the block occupancy detectors being activated.  Turnouts reflect their position on the layout.

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