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Dual CTC panel

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2012 Touch Monitor CTC Panel Refinement

2012 JMRI Panel Tutorial;  an online Tutorial for JMRI Panel and Layout Editors

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2012 Touch Monitor CTC Panel Refinement

2011 Touch Monitor CTC Panel development  splitting the dual CTC panel

2011 JMRI Demo xml Panel    an online clinic with US&S CTC panel

2010/2011 Dual CTC Panel

2009 Panel with additional control development

2007 Panel with new US&S background

2006 Panel with original background

JMRI 2006 Clinic Information

Backgrounds - Original and modified version of the dual 15 position USS panel distributed by JMRI.

Screenshot - Description of the panel indicators

AD4 accessory decoder usage

In December 2011,  I revised the lever icons used on the Quaker Valley CTC panel to make the transparent background twice as wide.  This makes it much easier to touch the hot spot to activate the lever, whether it is defined as a two state sensor or as a multi sensor with left and right side activation hot spots.  It also works well with a mouse or trackball.  These icons were made part of the JMRI version 3.1.4 in the fall of 2012.  See the highlighted lever area (yellow box outline) on the screen shot below:

Wide lever background

Two other images I have contributed to the JMRI project are the US&S Builders Plate and the "knockout" plug used in signal positions 12 & 14 above where only one side of the signal plate will be active.

US&S Builders PlateKnockout

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