This is a reference to the many icons available for use with JMRI Panel Pro. 
Bob Jacobsen has indexed the directories with the icons shown in your browser. 
Once you select a directory, you may navigate the resources using the parent and sub directory icons.

/resources/ JMRI, Panel Pro and Decoder Pro logos

/resources/icons/  includes a tranparent icon
    |---Armstrong    a set of Armstrong lever icons
    |---BritishRailSignals    a set of signal mast aspects
    |---CTCpanels Red lamp 2 sets of older CTC plates and levers
    |---DanishSignals    a set of signal mast aspects
    |---GermanSignals  Red lamp  a set of signal mast aspects
    |---USS  this is the newer directory for US&S panel elements
    |        |---background  Red lamp CTC panel slices and complete backgrounds
    |        |---plate
    |        |            |---base-plates 
    |        |                        |---misc    specialized plates for the CTC panel
    |        |                        |---signal  a set of signal and traffic plates
    |         |                       |---turnout a lock and turnout plate
    |         |            |---levers  Red lamp levers, switches and code buttons

    |         |            |---numbered-plates

    |         |                                |---Signal Red lamp even numbered signal plates 2-30
    |         |                                |---Turnout  Red lamp odd numbered turnout plates 1-29
    |        |---proto  Red lamp track segments and signals for CTC panels)
    |        |---sensor  Red lampRed lamp offAmber lamp onAmber lamp offGreen lamp onGreen lamp off a series of 21x21 pixel lamps - both on and off
    |        |            |---blink  Red blinking web lampBlinking amber lamp a series of 21x21 pixel and 19x20 pixel blinking lamps
    |        |---stop  Red lampstop and arrows
    |        |---track 
    |                     |---Block  (Track segments)
    |                     |---Crossover (Double, left and right crossover track segments)
    |                     |---Diamond (90, left and right diamonds)
    |                     |---Turnout (left, right and wye turnout track segments) all with multiple directories
    |---USSpanels this is an older directory for US&S panel elements - use icons from the USS directories if possible
    |         |---LampPhotosRed lamp
    |         |---Lamps  a series of 21x21 pixel lamps and 19x20 pixel blinking lamps
    |         |---Lamps-oldRed lamp
    |         |---Panels  a knockout plug and 15 wide CTC background
    |        |---Plates         a set of numbered (1-30) signal and switch plates, levers and code buttons
    |         |---TrackSegments   a series of white track segments for constructing a CTC panel track diagram
    |---cornwall  (icons from the original JMRI CTC panels)
    |---DecorationsRed lamp a set of arrows
    |         |---svg
    |         |---transparent_background
    |         |---white_background
    |         |---xcf
    |---largeschematics Red lamp  a collection of different aspects and signal heads
    |---logixng the Logix Next Generation
    |---markers  Red lamp  colored markers for train symbols
    |---mediumschematics  Red lampRed lampRed lampRed lamp  4 directories with signal heads or masts – B&O, PRR and dwarf
    |                            |---LEDs Red lampRed lampRed lamp  5 colored LEDs
    |---misc  Red lampRed lamp  LCD and Nixie digits, GUI indicators, images for the Pragotron clock and switchboard
    |---panels icons for the CSD and DminoPanel
    |---smallschematics Red lampRed lampRed lamp4 directories with signal heads B&O, PRR, RDG and dwarf
                                also 4 directories with lights, searchlight signals, semaphores and train orders

                               |---Aspects  a growing list of defined aspects for AAR, CSX,DB-HV, NYCS, SPCO and others

                               |--- Tracksegments  Red lamp   many black on white track segments

                               |---LEDs  Red lampRed lamp  12 colored or blinking 10x10 pixel LEDs

    |---throttles  Red lamp images for Wifi throttles
    |---track    colored track segments for USS, UTCS and Line
/Resources/sounds/   a directory for wav sound files

Revised August 22, 2021
Robert Bucklew
Quaker Valley